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We completely overhauled the offices of this media research company! It was great to be able to work with the building owner for the renovation and then with the company director when it came to furniture, so we could provide a real full service. Thanks C & S for a wonderful opportunity…

The main space is actually a corrugated iron walled link between two red brick buildings, so its very industrial. The mezzanine level that holds most of the actual offices, is hung from the pitched roof trusses with steel members. This floats partially above a double volume visitors space. As can be imagined, the client was experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations and there was a lot of water space. Our challenge was, in fact, to fit this tenant into a smaller square meterage and free up extra floor space for an additional lease. A rabbit warren of angular rooms had been created in the previous fit out and we decided to clean all this out and start again with clean lines cutting through only where vitally necessary. In doing this, we found a lot more space and achieved the objective with plenty of room to spare! 

As well as reimagining the layout, we chose to introduce new materials to soften the hard edges of this warehouse-like space without losing its essence. We covered the inside of the steel walls with insulation and drywalling which tempered the climate, while also softening and smartening up the look. We painted these new walls white, which immediately lifted the palette from cold steel grey and reflected light through the space. We used a very practical vinyl wood-look flooring on the mezzanine and a white Cemcrete on the ground floor replaces old patterned slasto. Where private offices and the boardroom did need to be partitioned off, we decided to do this with black aluminium and glass walls that let the light through.

Our colour palette followed the KLA brand’s lead and was limited to black, white and bold red. As always, we brought in pale wooden elements and plants to breathe life into the office. When colours are limited, texture becomes even more important, so wherever we could, we chose contrast. I love how the final product came together, it feels effective, professional and friendly is being enjoyed by staff and visitors alike.  

The end product is lean, clean & monochromatic with bursts of KLA’s signature colors and indoor plants. Thin, square edge lines house the new boardroom and executive offices. Having undergone some quite major surgery, the existing desks could be used in a new, more effective layout.

The boardroom boasts bespoke black tables & imported chairs.

Photographed by Astrid Kelli Kingsley








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