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Metaphor is a niche practice, we work closely with clients and believe that relationships matter. Our methods are based on understanding your needs and taking practical steps to meet them.

design is a behaviour,
not a department 




"I established Metaphor Design in April 2012, and I’ve always thought about it as my first baby. Over the years our size has ebbed and we have moved through working as a team to me going solo. I work closely with colleagues and collaborate with freelancers depending on the requirements of each project. This allows me to give full attention to my clients and to focus on doing the work I love. 


As well as being an Interior Designer, I am an aesthete, a creative, a mother and a life coach. My unique talent is being able to listen carefully to my clients and understand what they are really looking for. I use my intuition to find the right fit aesthetically for people as I try to connect with them as real and unique human beings. Each project is a journey in itself, and this industry has kept my attention rapt over the last 16 years and I’m sure it will continue to deliver. "

Lane Reeves


“let's do what we love and do a lot of it!"

Marc Jacobs

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