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We are proud to say that most of our work comes directly through client referrals. We often work on consecutive projects with clients as we get to know them and they come to trust and rely on the good work we do for them. Our clients value what we do because they see the detail and passion we pour into our projects. They also recognise that there is more to Interior Design than is often perceived. We really do help in more ways than clients initially imagine because there is simply more to the design process than meets the eye. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through what can be tricky terrain! 

"What followed in the subsequent six weeks was nothing short of remarkable. Lane orchestrated the creation of custom-made furniture to fit the space flawlessly, along with the intricate task of reframing and rehanging my sister's cherished art pieces. Throughout this period, Lane's availability was a testament to her commitment. She remained receptive to my constant stream of updates and changes, demonstrating a remarkable ability to manage the project's intricacies without compromising the quality of her work or the personal attention she provided ( despite 10 other projects she was working on).

I wholeheartedly recommend Lane Reeves for any interior design project, no matter the scope or complexity. Her professionalism, creativity, and dedication are unparalleled, and her ability to deliver results under demanding circumstances is truly commendable. My experience working with Lane has been a privilege, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to her for transforming a vision into a reality that has had a profoundly positive impact on my sister's quality of life."

- R & A Apartment F

RV Showroom (2).jpg

“Lane & Astrid, we had a day of never ending compliments yesterday. Well done on a knock out product.” 

- G.M Auria 

"Even though our family is living like swallows at the moment, always following the summer, we also need peace, rest and relaxation to find ourselves and to center ourselves. Our so beautifully decorated house is our breeding ground and helps us a lot. Even when we are here in Germany, we think a lot about it and are already counting the days until we are finally back there. It is our place of the summer.


Thank you for all your engagement and the great results. You have changed our lives.

- S.F & J House K


“Metaphor has done the Odrin store design for us since its inception. As an aesthete, we appreciated that Lane was quick to identify opportunities to better use the space we had and her willingness to work on the finer points to create an end product that works for our needs. Metaphor was also commissioned to work on the design for my recent home renovation, which I am very happy with. I would definitely recommend Metaphor for any home or commercial projects, they were so easy to work with and I think one of the most valuable parts of the experience was that they gave us the confidence to step out of our comfort zone and try different colours and designs for both projects and had great ideas for creating a modern classic look.” 

- T.A. Odrin 

"The Metaphor team went above and beyond with our project in Auckland Park. Not only were they creative, they were also extremely hands-on and available throughout the process. Nothing was too much to ask. Everything was delivered on time and within budget."

- J.K. Richmond

"It  was a pleasure to work with Lane Reeves and her team from Metaphor Design from May - Sept 2018 when we embarked on a renovation project at our home in Johannesburg. For Lane and her team - this must have been a small-ish project but for us it was big - especially in terms of being without a kitchen for 6 weeks (with 2 small kids)!  I really enjoyed bouncing off design and interior ideas with Lane and her advise was always sound, and in the end we are extremely happy with the end result and are living in our new spaces with a smile on our faces each and every day."


Thank you to Lane, Astrid and Bev! You were stars!!

- M.B. House B

"I have worked with Lane (Metaphor Designs) in creating my medical centre. The process was made simple from start to finish. I felt that brief was interpreted with integrity and professionalism and the final product worked better than expected. The design and implementation process was efficient and the attention to detail made the space not only functional but beautiful as well." 

- H.B. A really good therapist 

“Lane Reeves’ service was excellent, ideas innovative and creative and if you want to revive something old  she knows how to do so in an exciting and fresh way and if  it  is something new  in the same vein she has wonderful, new and stimulating ideas . The value of  her services is that she  gets to know and understand who her client is and build around the client’s personality, suggesting ideas without imposing them. She is a pleasure to work with, keeps you updated, harangues her service providers if they don’t deliver on time and if something is not to your satisfaction she does her best to sort it out. If you want a “hassle free” nail biting and stressful free service, Lane  is what you are looking for. She has never disappointed me.”

- I.T. Parkurst

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