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My home is, without a doubt, where my heart is!

This is where, eight years ago, after our first night here, the man who is now husband to my two children proposed to me.

We have come a long way, and the house has shifted shape and size along with us. Six months ago we were thinking about moving, basically because I got bored and felt it was time for an upgrade. And then: lockdown came about, life was flipped upside down and all thoughts of selling were placed on hold.

We were well and truly locked in for the foreseeable future. The irony is that I’ve loved being here more than ever before. Spending so much time in this home together as a family has forced us to play house, to nest and to I've watched the seasons change and my family grow.

Some quality time and tender loving care, was all it took to make me fall in love again.

Photographed by Sarah de Pina







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