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This was a clear cut project for wonderful clients who know exactly what they like. We literally did the design and chose all the furniture in one meeting and 6 weeks later they walked into the apartment completely furnished and trilled. This was an incredibly satisfying project as the clients were thrilled and enjoyed the seamless process. 


We used a clean modern palette, with practical fabrics and soft pastels on custom cut scatter cushions. The owner was downsizing from a home into the apartment in Auria’s Royal View estate and came with plenty of family photographs and art pieces. We re-framed and hung these, so although everything is new, there is a sense of familiarity and she feels comfortably at home.


We provided a full turnkey service for this one and provided everything from the joinery units and TV’s to the potted plants and smalls.


Thank you R & A for a wonderful experience and for all your compliments.







RV Showroom (4).jpg
RV Showroom (6).jpg
RV Showroom (8)_edited.png
RV Showroom (7).jpg
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