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We are always thrilled when an adventurous client comes along. This project allowed us to be creative with colour and shape and, as you can see, we had a lot of fun. Located in the beautiful Waterfall Estate, this family home is well suited to it’s owners. As part of the renovation process we used beautiful wooden light fittings in interesting shapes in the double volume entrance hall and over this beautiful James Mudge dining table. Dropped bulkheads to enclose indirect lighting create a warm ambiance in a subtle way. We got to use great wallpapers through out the home, which we always love. Elitis in the dining room and guest bathroom, Aureum in the baby’s room, Black edition in the bedroom and a really special Hermien Van der Merwe fynbos from Cara Saven in the study. The geometry of the main bedroom wallpaper is echoed in the playful kite shaped tile design in the incredible main bathroom. And we got to make up a mint green kitchen, which is really one for the books! 

Thank you S & F for allowing us to be part of your journey.

Photographed by Sarah de Pina







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