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This was once a family house, but now that the kids have moved out, the parents can relax and take advantage of the extra space. Because the parents frequently host guests, there are several guest rooms available, ensuring that there is enough room for everyone.


Parents can now unwind and enjoy the extra space in what used to be a family home that the kids have since moved out. There are several guest rooms available due to the parents' frequent hosting of guests, ensuring that there is enough space for everyone.


The first step in creating our blank canvas was to apply fresh paint and plaster. In the living room and master bedroom, we used Kirkby Black Edition wallpaper.In the master bedroom, the family dog has his own comfortable sofa. Bead has created some lovely embroidered cushions. In the guest rooms, bright Designers Guild fabrics add a fun and friendly vibe. Attention to detail in the lighting can make all the difference. Table and milk bench by Houtlander

In the open landing area, there is a stunning study that has been thoughtfully designed.

Photographed by Sarah de Pina







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