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We're thrilled to be sharing this full renovation and furniture project with you. It started with a simple brief — to be open and light! — and the big goal to reinvent the space now that the kiddies have grown up and flown the family nest. As such, the requirements for each room have changed. For Metaphor, it is fascinating to see the evolution of homes and how they can keep on serving those who live in them. 


We transformed the separate spaces, that were not being used to their full potential, into an open-plan lounge for quiet reading, a central foyer for welcoming guests, and a television room to sit back and relax in. This home is deeply personal and the values of the client are clearly evident. As wildlife and nature lovers, it was truly important to create the sense of being outside — even if the main living spaces were a room away from the external walls.  Paired with natural oak, sage green duco, and botanical prints, this lovingly-termed "odd chair cafe" and big dining table serve to bring the family back together to share meals and their news. It is a heartwarming room and a heartwarming home!


Thank you J&W for allowing us to enrich your home.

Photographed by Sarah de Pina







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